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July 1, 2016
The Blinding Truth | |

American Academy of Ophthalmology

Suzy the Sparkler and Freddie the Firecracker sure are a blast. But is that always a good thing? This public service video gives you the blinding truth about fireworks’ dangers to your eyes. Thousands of people, many of them children, suffer eye injuries from fireworks each year in the United States.  Those injured by fireworks are not necessarily handling the explosives themselves. In fact, nearly half of people injured by fireworks are bystanders. Children are frequent victims: 35 percent who sustained a fireworks injury are age 15 and under. Just in time for the Fourth of July, this simple PSA gives tips to celebrate safe.  Not the least of which is to enjoy your community firework display rather then celebrating at home.

Celebrate Safe this Fourth of July and have fun!

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