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September 19, 2014
Without the Ice the Earth Will Fall | |


"The Arctic is a place of unimaginable beauty..."  During  a trip with her daughter on a Greenpeace ship, actress Emma Thompson witnessed the transformation the Arctic has undergone due to climate change and oil drilling.  Scenes of this pristine and fragile landscape and the meditative poem Thompson wrote, are powerful calls for the creation of a sanctuary in the Arctic Ocean. Thompson also used social media effectively to make direct statements to world leaders, including a tweet to the Australian Prime Minister who has taken a climate change denying stance:  "Tony Abbott: Climate Change is real, I’m standing on it!’’

Thompson will be speaking at The Peoples Climate March London. Find a local event and participate in this unparalleled opportunity to let world leaders  at the United Nations Climate Summit know how urgently the public is calling for solutions to climate disruption, and how we need to move quickly from dirty fuels to clean energy.

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